Hello...I'm Nikki Thomas

I’m a career coach and the founder of Essential Coaching. I’m also a workplace psychologist and I’ve spent many years supporting organisations and individuals through periods of change. I know how difficult change can be. And how much easier it is to navigate when you’ve got the right support.

I help high-performing individuals find fulfilment at work, through impactful, practical coaching.

Things I love


Podcasts, books, lectures – I’m all about learning and developing.


I’ve dived with sharks in Indonesia, hiked across a glacier in Patagonia, sampled a LOT of Argentinian wine, sailed from Panama to Colombia and spent weeks in the Peruvian jungle.

Being creative...

I love to write. I enjoy taking things I’ve learnt and reassembling it into a coherent story that might help others.

My story

Natural curiosity

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick. I was drawn to study Psychology as an undergrad and completed my Masters in Organisational Psychology. Here, I became intrigued by the science of how and why we change and adapt in the workplace.

Time to change

I spent 10 years in the corporate world of Change Management. Whilst I enjoyed supporting teams through periods of change, what I loved most was the informal coaching and support I gave individuals. I’d also had some amazing managers along the way who’d coached me through uncertainty, helping me grow and develop. I’d seen first-hand the value of coaching. This is what I wanted to do more of.

Travels beckon

I took a year out to travel around South East Asia and South America and returned feeling sure that I wanted to start coaching….one day. I was plagued by a little voice of doubt and it took a few more years before I started my Diploma in Transformational Coaching and set up my coaching practice.

My portfolio career

Fast forward a few more years and I have found the right balance for a fulfilling career. I call it my ‘portfolio career’ – a mix of behavioural change consulting and, most importantly, the opportunity to coach individuals through change. I’m no longer questioning what I do for work – I enjoy it and appreciate the space it gives me to do the things that light me up. My mission now is to help others find the same career fulfilment.

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