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How often do you give yourself the time and space to evaluate your career? Perhaps you’re faced with a few options for where you could go next and need help deciding on the next challenge. Perhaps you want to get promoted but need a focused plan to get there. Perhaps you’ve got a great idea for a new business but haven’t had the confidence to go for it.

I can help you unpack your challenge, get clear on where you want to go next and put your plan into action through practical, impactful coaching.

The Essential Coach

I’m Nikki Thomas - I'm a career coach and a workplace psychologist, having spent many years supporting organisations and individuals through periods of change.

I help individuals who want to grow and/or change their careers. I offer coaching for a variety of challenges; helping people achieve their goals, navigate feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, explore different mindsets and perspectives, as well as helping people find a new career or purpose.

How we can work together


Get a better idea of what makes you tick. Get clear on where you’re heading.


Create a focused plan of action and a clear ‘how’ you’ll get there..


Take action and be accountable for building positive habits to achieve your goals.

What people are saying

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Career / WebinarAug 6, 2021

Future Proof Your Skills!

Join Nikki Thomas, career coach and business psychologist, for a practical and interactive tour of three key themes for the not-so-future world of work: adaptability, a growth mindset and ‘experiments’.

CareerJan 25, 2021

What exactly is coaching?

This was my question to a friend who recommend her own coach to me, many years ago. I didn’t get it. What was the point of coaching and how was it different to mentoring or therapy?

CareerJan 25, 2021

What kind of coach do I need?

One of the most important things to find out when you’re searching for a coach is whether or not you think you’ll work well with them. A good coach will be clear with you on their style and ways of working so that you can decide whether or not you’ll be a good fit.

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